Orino Planter - White

Orino Planter - White

Painted in a way that emphasises the texture of steel, the fine design of this Planter becomes an accent to the interior from just being placed in a simple space. ORINO is coated with grey, rust preventive paint inside, allowing them to be easily washed with water. When planters of different colours are grouped, they naturally combine together in unison without a sense of inconsistency. ORINO is available in three colours - White/Gold, Black/Gold and Gold. The packaging is also designed, presenting the planters as ideal gifts.


Weight & Size:

<large>0.45Kg Φ168mm x h149mm, Φ(top)130mm

<small>0.3kg   Φ129mm x H114mm, Φ(top)100mm



Dispatched in 3-5 working days


<large> 4580157054072 

<small> 4580157054041