Cuore Graphio LED Candle

Cuore Graphio LED Candle

 "CUORE GRAPHIO is a high quality LED Candle. These flameless candles flicker through the frosted cylinder shade. Just like a real candle, the LED flame can be switched on or off with a blow. It is battery operated and the shade is plastic, safe for children and pets, without making a mess. This new Cuore Graphio includes 2 graphic sheets and 4 city scenes are available.

A new Cuore Graphio includes 2 graphic sheets; 4 city scense are available."


Weight & Size: 

70 g H100mm x  L45mm x  W45mm



Dispatched in 3-5 working days  



<London>    4580157050838 

<Paris>          4580157050845

<New York> 4580157050852

<Tokyo>        4580157050869